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When visitors come over where is the first place you go? The Kitchen! Your kitchen should be welcoming, friendly and designed to meet the needs of your family and lifestyle.

Why trust your kitchen remodel ideas to Buckeye Restoration and Remodeling? Because we can help you from top to bottom. For kitchen cabinets we proudly offer the finest brands and top quality countertops.  All are leaders in the industry and known for their durability and functionality, and with hundreds of design options, they can be built to fit any kitchen remodel design.

So whether it’s flooring, kitchen appliances, moving walls, electrical needs or even a roof- we are equipped to handle the entire project. At Buckeye Restoration and Remodeling, we guarantee the quality of our work. 

If you are on a budget looking for an efficient small kitchen remodel, or you need a large scale kitchen renovation with structural and spatial additions, we can help.  

Contact us today at 1-800-879-2825


The combination of functionality and quality is the cornerstone of our bathroom remodels and renovations. They are full of key appliances that we rely on every single day. However, that doesn’t mean that its look should be ignored, or even marginalized.

Often, with other bathroom contractors, the bathroom remodel is designed to serve their purpose in the most basic way possible. With Buckeye Restoration and Remodeling your bath can be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home.

With a wide selection of Bathroom Cabinets,  Custom Closets, and  Countertops, we can provide both aesthetic and ergonomic solutions to maximize your bathrooms space.

 As full service bathroom contractors, we can help with redesign of showers, baths, tile, plumbing, fixtures, lighting solutions, and much more.   For a personalized quote for your home contact us today at 1-800-879-2825!


For more information about Siding/Gutters/Windows please call 1-800-879-2825 or contact us for a free consultation.


Hail Damage? Wind Damage? Missing Shingles?

Trust the company that has helped thousands of homes. Central Ohio has experienced some powerful storms in the last few years. Your roof may have damage you are not aware of that has become more visible recently or may have been made worse by a recent storm. Our trained professionals can determine the extent of the damage and make sure everything is properly covered.

We take pride in our work and use only the best materials with well trained and experienced employees. Buckeye Restoration and Remodeling is a Owens Corning preferred Contractor. 

Call Buckeye Restoration and Remodeling to make sure its treated the way YOU want it to be. As a General Contractor we can help you with all your repair needs.


Does your basement need an upgrade, but you are unsure about basement remodeling cost? As basement remodeling contractors, we can help you finish your basement or completely remodel it to a new living space.

If your current basement is dark, humid, and just generally unappealing, we can turn it around. Our design professionals will help you imagine a space that’s perfect for your budget and your family.  We offer room additions, basement bathroom installation, and durable flooring options from epoxy to laminate and carpet selections. 

We use top quality materials and provide superior craftsmanship. Our goal is (100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!) We’ll help you design your basement space to fit your needs.


After letting go of the first Contractor I had, Buckeye Restoration came in and did a fantastic job remodeling the first and second floors of our home. Great workmanship and easy to work with.

Amy S. – Dublin, OH

The fire I had was so extensive that I had to completely rebuild my house. I was being pushed to use another contractor, but made the right choice in selecting Buckeye Restoration, Inc. Thanks for doing an awesome job!

Candy G. – Delaware, OH

I wanted to congratulate Buckeye Restoration for a terrific job on our commercial property. I was very happy that what was estimated to take 6-8 months to rebuild, only took 4 months and was restored better than before. This company knows what they are doing. Thank you!

Dane S. – Chillicothe, OH

The house we lived in had extensive fire damage to the point of completely gutting it and rebuilding. We are glad we used Buckeye Restoration to not only rebuild our home, but we were able to also change the footprint, update the kitchen, and make significant changes; a silver lining in what seemed to be a bad situation. Thanks a lot team Buckeye Restoration!

Freddi T. – Ashville, OH

I just wanted to give a shout out for helping us with our house fire. You are true advocates for your clients. Our insurance company finally settled on your estimate after being $75,000.00 off. I am not sure what we would have done, if not for your company, and all of the great people at Buckeye Restoration.

Rick R. – Grove City, OH

I had a bad storm and one of the large trees fell on our house and did tens of thousands of dollars worth of structural damage. We called Buckeye Restoration and their Estimators were able to work with our insurance company and restore our house in just weeks. A thumbs up for Buckeye Restoration!

Jerry T. – Sunbury, OH

Buckeye Restoration came out and completely remodeled our main Bath. We hesitated to even use our Bathroom because it turned out so beautiful. I would recommend them anytime!

Paula A. – Westerville, OH

Buckeye Restoration completely rebuilt my exterior wall after inadequate window flashing caused long term water damage to the wooden supporting structure. The project was professionally done, and the stucco matched the existing structure perfectly. Buckeye Restorations professional staff were courteous. Nick paid close attention to the small details, such as carpet reinstallation, the small drywall imperfections found when the wall was restored, and the downspout reinstall. I am extremely grateful that Buckeye was able to complete the work before the cold weather set in. I highly recommend Buckeye Restoration as a professional contractor that can provide a full range of services for any residential building need.

Marty Z. – Delaware, OH

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