Fire Restoration Services for Columbus, OH

We have been Central Ohio’s Consumer Choice winners of fire damage services for many consecutive years. Our immediate response team is available 24 hours a day for fast response and affordable board up services. When the unexpected occurs, we can board up your home or business, and provide all the general contracting services necessary including water removal and mold remediation. Buckeye Restoration has been working with insurance companies since 1996 and is known for quick response time and quality work. Buckeye Restoration, Inc. is licensed, bonded, and insured and we guarantee to be on time and efficient.

Possible causes of house fires:

  • 1. Cooking equipment
  • 2. Heating equipment (chimney’s, portable heaters)
  • 3. Careless Smoking
  • 4. Old Appliances
  • 5. Candles
  • 6. Inadequate wiring
  • 7. Laptops – If you have ever held a laptop you know if can get really hot in no time. This can be compounded by placing the laptop on the carpet, bed, blanket, or soft furniture. It is possible for your laptop to get hot enough to ignite and leave you with fire damage.
  • 8. Dryer lint – This little sheet can lead to fire damage. Too much lint build up combined with high enough temperatures, can lead to costly fire damage repairs.
  • 9. Electric blankets and heating pads

The team at Buckeye Restoration & Remodeling understands that when disaster strikes and you have experienced a house fire, it can be incredibly saddening and discouraging. We want to help you enjoy your home again in Columbus, OH, just as you did before with the help of our fire restoration services. We can come to your property and provide you with a personalized customer service experience.

We take pride in our work and feel confident that you will be thrilled with the lasting restoration results that we can provide to your property. No matter the size or severity of your house fire, we have the tools, materials, and equipment to bring it back to its beautiful original condition. We can even make additions that you have been wanting to implement before the fire.

To learn more about our helpful services and to speak with a fire restoration expert from our team, visit our contact page.


We guarantee to be on your site for your emergency board up. After your home board up, Buckeye Restoration provides professional emergency services to restore or repair fire damage, wind damage, and disaster restoration including water removal and mold remediation.  


After letting go of the first Contractor I had, Buckeye Restoration came in and did a fantastic job remodeling the first and second floors of our home. Great workmanship and easy to work with.

Amy S. – Dublin, OH

The fire I had was so extensive that I had to completely rebuild my house. I was being pushed to use another contractor, but made the right choice in selecting Buckeye Restoration, Inc. Thanks for doing an awesome job!

Candy G. – Delaware, OH

I wanted to congratulate Buckeye Restoration for a terrific job on our commercial property. I was very happy that what was estimated to take 6-8 months to rebuild, only took 4 months and was restored better than before. This company knows what they are doing. Thank you!

Dane S. – Chillicothe, OH

The house we lived in had extensive fire damage to the point of completely gutting it and rebuilding. We are glad we used Buckeye Restoration to not only rebuild our home, but we were able to also change the footprint, update the kitchen, and make significant changes; a silver lining in what seemed to be a bad situation. Thanks a lot team Buckeye Restoration!

Freddi T. – Ashville, OH

I just wanted to give a shout out for helping us with our house fire. You are true advocates for your clients. Our insurance company finally settled on your estimate after being $75,000.00 off. I am not sure what we would have done, if not for your company, and all of the great people at Buckeye Restoration.

Rick R. – Grove City, OH

I had a bad storm and one of the large trees fell on our house and did tens of thousands of dollars worth of structural damage. We called Buckeye Restoration and their Estimators were able to work with our insurance company and restore our house in just weeks. A thumbs up for Buckeye Restoration!

Jerry T. – Sunbury, OH

Buckeye Restoration came out and completely remodeled our main Bath. We hesitated to even use our Bathroom because it turned out so beautiful. I would recommend them anytime!

Paula A. – Westerville, OH

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